Infrared sauna represents a modern trend of relaxation and is intended for natural healing. It is suitable for people who suffer from hypertension or have troubles tolerating high temperature in traditional sauna. Infrared sauna detox has been widely embraced as a healthy treatment worldwide, specifically designed to promote a healthy and natural detoxifying sweat at temperature 60°C. Moreover you can burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes!

Infrared cabin

Infrared cabin is intended for one or two persons.  Its fundamental purpose is to heat up the body before massage to enhance the massage experience. The sauna produces infrared waves that heat up your organism and penetrate deep in the tissues without heating up the rest of the room. The temperature inside the cabin is significantly lower (approx. 50 °C) therefore it allows people who are high heat intolerant enjoy the benefits of sauna bathing.

You may set both time and temperature according to your feels and needs.

Benefits of infrared sauna:

  • eases pain and stiffness of joints, muscles in limbs and back.
  • treats muscle spasm and tension.
  • mobilizes the immune system by increasing the body temperature.
  • generally relieves pain.
  • improves blood circulation and cardiovascular system.
  • eliminates toxins.
  • boosts your immune system.
  • purifies your skin and makes it healthier-looking, clearer and more elastic. It also effects acne, eczema and burns, open wounds heal better making the final scar smaller.
  • effectively eliminates cellulite which is a residue beneath the skin made up of fat and water.
  • burns calories (30 minute session burns up to 600 kcal.)

PRICELIST - Single entry 1 person / 60 minutes ... 75 Kč


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